• APR 11 - Rockford College TBA
  • APR 17 - Roosevelt University (Peoria) 1PM
  • APR 25 - Aurora Uni 3PM
  • MAY 1 - Judson Uni TBA
  • MAY 8 - Detroit Christian CC 2PM
  • SEPT 5 - Concordia Univ (Wisconsin) @12pm
  • SEPT 12 - Aurora Univ @ 3pm
  • SEPT 20 - Olivet Nazarene Univ TBD
  • SEPT 25 - Roosevelt Univ @ 1pm
  • OCT 3 - Rockford Univ TBD
  • OCT 10 - OPEN
  • OCT 17 - Augustana Univ @ 2pm
  • OCT 24 - North Central College TBD
Creating Top Student Athletes



Our football program is conducted over a three month period or basically the duration of a college football season. For our spring 2021 season, players report in late March and leave in late June. For our fall 2021 season, players will report in late August and leave mid November.

During their time with us, athletes will engage in a rigorous program to work on improving strength and conditioning levels, playing ability, ACT scores, time management, confidence and maturity. We also can help those that may need to improve the high school GPA.

We are only looking for good people

Midwest Prep, first and foremost, is looking for great character and hard working individuals. If you are a great student, you are motivated, respect authority, and make good decisions, Midwest Prep IS FOR YOU. We only want good people on our campus. Good people that simply need another year of development before college.


Daily Schedule
Post Grad Participant

Here is an example of a typical day at Midwest Prep, during the regular season (schedule subject to change):

7:30 AM – Wake Up
8:30 AM – Breakfast
9:30 AM – Classes
1:00 PM – Lunch
2:00 PM – Strength and Conditioning
4:30 PM – Meetings
5:30 PM – Practice
8:00 PM – Post Practice Film Review
8:30 PM – Free time / Study time
11:30 PM – Curfew

Daily Schedule
HS Senior / Commuter

Here is an example of a typical day at Midwest Prep, during the regular season (schedule subject to change):

4:30 PM – Report / Meetings
5:30 PM – Practice
8:00 PM – Post Practice Film Review
8:30 PM – Dismissed

& Meals

Our athletes are housed at the Quality Inn and Suites in Orland Hills, IL.

Housing amenities include;

  • queen size bed,
  • air-conditioned rooms
  • high speed internet
  • microwave
  • laundry facilities
  • cable television

The room comfortably sleeps two people. Rooms also include a refrigerator, coffee maker, wall-to wall carpeting and a private bathroom.

Each athlete will have a roommate. 

If you are a full time resident in our program, breakfast is provided daily through the Quality Inn and Suites of Orland Hills, IL. Lunch and Dinner will be provided Monday – Friday while you’re in our program. 

& Conditioning

Midwest Prep has partnered with Charter Fitness of Tinley Park, IL to provide our athletes with top notch, state of the art training.

Our sports performance program is designed to provide our athletes with the best possible outcomes during their time with us.

Training sessions are supervised by a Performance Enhancement Specialist certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. These sessions are designed to take the athletes through a structured workout designed to help them improve their performance. Through specific workout programming and corrective exercise plans that are designed by a Corrective Exercise Specialist we are able to provide high quality workouts and results for our athletes. 

We also understand the role that nutrition plays in the success of an athlete and as such we have partnered with a nutritionist who is able to provide the athletes with education on what to eat to optimize their performance.

Virtual High School

Midwest Prep outsources its academic service to Education Solutions – All Classes are Accredited and NCAA Approved

Classes Offered:
All core classes and electives including foreign languages.

Accessible Online 365 days a year / 24 hours a day.

What Is Needed:
Transcripts and Test Scores
Additional documents may be requested.

Call a representative at Education Solutions to discuss any academic questions regarding Midwest Prep
(205) 960-6444.



Midwest Prep outsources its academic service to Education Solutions – Increase your ACT/SAT Scores

Offering sessions in Math, Science, Reading and English. Each session is 45 to 90 minutes long. We administer a Pre-test and Post-test. Assignments are given for each subject.

Providing test prep for ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT and any other standardized tests.

Courses Offered:

  • Six Week Course
  • Four Week course
  • 10 Day Crash Course
  • Private Two Hour Sessions

Call a representative at Education Solutions to discuss any academic questions regarding Midwest Prep
(205) 960-6444.

Practice Field

Orland Hills, IL

Midwest Prep’s football team practices on the natural grass surface at Christian Hills School Athletic Field in Orland Hills, IL. At Midwest Prep, we want to practice on the best conditions to prepare our student-athletes at the next level of play in collegiate athletics. The field is located on 3 blocks away from where our players are housed.


One of the most important factors in choosing to attend Midwest Prep is utilizing the post-graduate year to obtain the maximum exposure that the athlete has missed while in high school. Midwest Prep has developed an outplacement plan that keeps all parties of the recruitment cycle current with the latest highlights and updates of the Midwest Prep athlete. Midwest Prep utilizes the latest in technology, as well has the conventional methods of contact to provide the institutions with the information necessary to make our athletes the apex recruit.

At Midwest Prep, we provide a fully comprehensive recruitment plan to give our athletes the exposure to the Universities and Colleges at the FBS, FCS, Division 2, NAIA, Division 3, and NJCAA (Junior College) levels. Although Midwest Prep does not guarantee that our athletes will obtain a scholarships, grant or aid to a College or University, we will give our fullest to providing a thorough and exhaustive effort to showcase our athletes to the appropriate institutions.

Viking Alumni

Top Reasons To Attend
Midwest Prep

Midwest Prep Football Player
  • To gain in classroom abilities through academic training and self-discipline skills required for university-level classes.
  • To compete without the loss of a year of college eligibility and have four years of college eligibility remaining.
  • To gain an additional year of time necessary for physical growth and maturity that is critical to becoming a top college athlete.
  • To have an opportunity to improve ACT and SAT college board scores critical to becoming a top college scholar.
  • To gain exposure and competition opportunities against top college and university teams.
  • To have additional time and opportunity for the late developer.
  • To improve athletic techniques required by college coaches.
  • To improve academic habits through mandatory study sessions.
  • To increase development of self-confidence and self-discipline.
  • To have an opportunity for another year of play for seniors and ineligible athletes.


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