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Creating Top Student Athletes




Out of high school I lost my junior year of eligibility do to a transfer rule, thus giving me just my Senior year. I only had two offers out of high school, one being Midwest Prep. Several factors played into my decision to go to MWP. I needed more film, I did not pass the eye test, and the zero year allows another year of maturity. I played safety and outside linebacker at MWP.MWP is not a place to come if you don’t want to keep playing. It is a stepping stone to help you grow. The lessons you learn up there carry with you to whatever program and school you decide to attend. You can play with some great talent and find teammates that last for life. It is not going to guarantee you a full ride to any school in the country. But it is a tool to help you. It gave me a new attitude playing the game. MWP is an amazing tool and building block for your football career if you use it correctly. I walked on to the University of Oklahoma and made it. MWP was a part of my football journey. At the end of the day it comes down to you seeing how far you are willing to push yourself.

Tanner Baum

Midwest Prep was an integral part of my development as a football player and person. I learned how to manage my time off the field, while developing as a football player and athlete on the field. Midwest Prep helped me every step of the way in the recruiting process and Coach Sullivan personally reached out to coaches for me. Because of his efforts I received a Division 1 scholarship. They also offer academic assistance. Because of them, I improved my ACT score to a 31. The experience I received at Midwest Prep was invaluable. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Coach Sullivan, Coach Boyer and the entire staff.

J.P. Petricca

Clyan Levermore

“If your kid is good enough, schools will find him”. We’d always heard and believed that. Our son is talented. He works hard. He got a little attention from D1 colleges his junior year. He had some talented guys around him and was putting up great numbers. Then an injury halfway through the year sidelined him for the rest of the season. His senior year was injury free but a bit tougher. Our school is the smallest in 4A (highest division in our state) and plays in one of the most competitive districts. While there were some solid athletes on our team, we just didn’t have the depth to compete at that level. He had one win his senior season. His numbers and film were good but not great. He had one DII offer coming out of high school even though we had enlisted recruiting help from coach Warren McCarty, a top recruiting and QB guru in Colorado. Coach McCarty knew our son was “under recruited” and had heard about Midwest Prep Academy from college coaches he had been speaking with. He reached out to Marques Sullivan, president of MWP, to see what it was all about. We checked it out and did our due diligence. As a result, my son concluded that a post-grad year at MWP could be the ticket to a better offer. The coaches at MWP are passionate about football and building young men with strong character. They have all played the game at a high level. My son had outstanding coaching and talented players around him at MWP that allowed him to put up some big numbers and get great film. The result of this was a lot of attention from several colleges at every level including offers from two D1 programs! The extra maturity and responsibility gained by living away from home during the post-grad season was a plus and was even noted by one the college coaches that were recruiting him as an advantage coming in. If you feel like your son could use a post-grad year to get a better shot, we highly recommend Midwest Prep! it most definitely worked for ours.

The Family of L.T. Beck

I went to Midwest Prep because after my senior year of high school I really didn’t know what to do. I had offers to play football but I couldn’t get in classes because of my ACT score. One day during my summer I got a email for Midwest prep and after learning more about it and making the Decision to go I couldn’t be more happier with my decision. Going to Midwest prep is one of the best decisions I have made. I had incredible coaching Going to Midwest prep and I learned so much about playing offensive line and got so much better even though it was my first year playing. learning from two of the best offensive line coach’s that lye ever had. I made incredible memories and made friends that I will have forever. Midwest Prep give me opportunities to play at the next level that my high school didn’t. I got many offers but I took the Best one in Lincoln University of Missouri.

Zach Farrow

Midwest prep gave me a second chance. That to me was everything. I’m not going to sit here and say that if you choose to attend MWP, that you will automatically earn a ton of scholarships and go play at the highest level. What i’m saying is they give you that opportunity and that’s all you need. Whether you were riddled with injury, grades, or size you have the chance to go out and go against decent competition and put it all on film. They will help you more than most high school coaches will with the recruiting process and get your film to coaches all throughout the season. In my personal experience i lost my entire senior year to an injury, actually the same foot injury I’m dealing with now but on my opposite foot. I thought i was done with football, once college coaches got word of it they started pulling my scholarships left and right. I was stuck and had no idea what i was going to do. MWP was personally the best thing to happen to me. I had time to rehab my foot, go up there and play at 70-80% which was enough to get film and get back into the swing of things football wise. Without them, i wouldn’t be where i’m at today. They mentor you and truly care about your success. They’re entire goal is to get you playing ball beyond their program and earn you free education. At the end of the day, they give you opportunity. Whatever you put into the weight room, on the field, and in the classroom is entirely on you. Like anything else in life, you reap what you sow. Put in the work and it will show.

Nick Dehdashtian